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Please note that these causes of death are not exhaustive - only about 2/3rds of deaths can be identified using the current method.

Top 5 common deaths
Cause of deathDeaths
a soldier ant3744
a dwarf2622
a gnome lord2193
a gnome1626
a rothe1456

Most popular levels to die on
LevelnameNumber of bones files

Most common cause of death per level, over all versions and variants
LevelDeathsCause of death
bonD0.1025a mumak
bonD0.1116a leocrotta
bonD0.1216a troll
bonD0.1317a troll
bonD0.1417a winged gargoyle
bonD0.1510a troll
bonD0.1614a rock troll
bonD0.1715a troll
bonD0.1816drowned by a monster
bonD0.1916a rock troll
bonD0.24a jackal
bonD0.2015drowned by a monster
bonD0.2117drowned by a monster
bonD0.2212a minotaur
bonD0.2325a minotaur
bonD0.2438a minotaur
bonD0.2548a minotaur
bonD0.2643a minotaur
bonD0.2733a minotaur
bonD0.287a minotaur
bonD0.4285a rothe
bonD0.5244a soldier ant
bonD0.6283a soldier ant
bonD0.7148a soldier ant
bonD0.885a soldier ant
bonD0.936a leocrotta
bonD0.B40a leocrotta
bonD0.K5a rock kobold
bonD0.O283a soldier ant
bonD0.R21a rock troll
bonD0.T41a soldier ant
bonG0.25choked on food
bonG0.214the Wizard of Yendor
bonG0.36a minotaur
bonG0.45choked on food
bonG0.56choked on food
bonG0.65a minotaur
bonG0.84a minotaur
bonG0.G4choked on food
bonG0.J54poisoned by Juiblex
bonG0.O26poisoned by Demogorgon
bonG0.V23choked on food
bonG0.X4a touch of death
bonM0.1892a dwarf
bonM0.2758a dwarf
bonM0.3294a soldier ant
bonM0.4139a soldier ant
bonM0.5160a giant spider
bonM0.6123a giant spider
bonM0.779a leocrotta
bonM0.834a leocrotta
bonM0.E8a vampire
bonM0.T854a soldier ant
bonQArc.44the Minion of Huhetotl
bonQArc.55the Minion of Huhetotl
bonQBar.24an ogre
bonQBar.415a rock troll
bonQBar.55a rock troll
bonQBar.L28a rock troll
bonQCav.46the Chromatic Dragon
bonQCav.55the Chromatic Dragon
bonQHea.56the Cyclops
bonQMon.48Master Kaen
bonQMon.510Master Kaen
bonQMon.L15a xorn
bonQPri.L21a priestess
bonQRan.L4a mountain centaur
bonQSam.L7a samurai
bonQVal.24choked on food
bonQVal.55Lord Surtur
bonQVal.L12a fire giant
bonQWiz.L6a vampire bat

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